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History & Description

The Midtown Terrace neighborhood was founded in 1957. Unlike most San Francisco neighborhoods, which developed spontaneously, Midtown Terrace was designed as a planned community.

It is located in the exact geographic center of San Francisco allowing easy access to all points of the City. Nestled on the western slope of Twin Peaks, it features some of the most spectacular views in the City. The descriptive street names such as Dellbrook, Starview, Cityview, Aquavista, Clairview, Gladeview, Farview, Greenview, Knollview, Longview, Marview, Midcrest, Mountview, Olympia, Panorama, and Skyview tell the neighborhood’s unique features. A few distinct features include:

  • All Midtown Terrace homes are separated and detached.
  • There are no homes built directly behind one another. All Midtown Terrace homes are separated by a strip of land called a green belt.
  • All telephone lines, power lines and utilities are located underground.
  • The 817 homes located in Midtown Terrace neighborhood are represented by a homeowners association dedicated to fostering better homes and better community life.






161 Marview Way

440 Dellbrook

209 Rainier


91 Henry Street

139 Skyview Way

392 Polaris Way

1567 47th Ave

155 De Soto St

157 Marview Way

133 Baden St

16 Gaviota Way

1 Aquavista Way

574 Natoma

2300 Divisadero

79 Knollview

320 Alabama #11