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The Midtown Terrace Homeowner’s Association (MTHOA) is a non-profit corporation comprised of all homeowners in the area. Once you purchase a home in Midtown Terrace, you automatically become an association member. Each association member agrees to be governed by the MTHOA By-Laws.

The By-Laws are our association’s constitution. The main purpose of the MTHOA is to help the people who live here.

The MTHOA is governed by a Board of Directors composed of nine homeowners. The Board is elected annually by the MTHOA members at a general meeting held each January. The Board meets once a month to discuss neighborhood issues. The Board of Directors main function is to uphold the association’s By-Laws. Typically, issues pertaining to property upkeep, neighborhood safety, property rental concerns, social activities, architectural concerns, resolving neighborhood disputes and general neighborhood advocacy are discussed. Please remember the Board is here to serve you. Contact us at 415.675.5864 with any neighborhood concerns, problems or ideas that you might have. We especially want to talk with new homeowners just to get you know you.

Good things happen with the efforts and lobbing of the MTHOA

  • The steep, barren hillsides throughout this area were landscaped with trees and scrubs.
  • The Clarendon school built.
  • The construction of the overpass that leads to the school insuring that the project was completed in a timely fashion.
  • The Midtown Terrace playground was create and was dedicated.
  • Clarendon Avenue has road markings to guide drivers and it has a pedestrian sidewalk all the way down to Laguna Honda.
  • All utility poles and wires are underground.
  • The fire house on Olympia Way was built and remains open in the face of periodic closure threats.
  • Fredela Lane, the pedestrian stairway from Fairview to Clairview to Marview saves many long steps.
  • Muni serves the neighborhood on weekends now.
  • Senior programs now exist at the Midtown Terrace Recreational Center.
  • The left turn stoplight at Twin Peaks Blvd and Portola make it a safer intersection for those making a left turn onto Twin Peaks Blvd.
  • An annual holiday dinner and block party are great occasions to meet other neighbors.