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What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance is a contract of indemnity which guarantees that the title to the property is as reported. If it’s not as reported,you are reimbursed for actual loss or damage under the conditions specified in the policy. The title policy covers you for your loss up to the amount of the policy. Title Search Title companies […]

Buyers Generally Pay…

Who pays for the various closing costs is negotiable between the Buyer and Seller, though the below sets forth the customary division in San Francisco County. These items might not apply in other counties. Some counties split their title and escrow fees between Buyer and Seller in varying manners. Title Insurance Premiums Escrow Fee City […]

Property Taxes

The Tax Year Property taxes are charged on a fiscal year beginning July 1st and ending June 30th; hence tax years are referred to as 2004/2005, 2005/2006. Taxes are billed in two equal installments: first installment covers July 1st through December 31st, second installment covers January 1st through June 30th. Tax bills are sent to […]

Common Mistakes Buyers Make in Multiple-Offer Situations

1. Not having your agent do a full comparative market analysis of the property: a clear-headed assessment of what fair market value is. 2. Not making a list of the strengths and weaknesses of the property, to keep in mind during the negotiations or perhaps to even use in the negotiations. 3. The flip side […]

Inspections and Home Warranties

Buyers Are Responsible for Inspecting the Property The Purchase Agreement typically contains provisions allowing you to perform any inspections you desire. Inspections do not guarantee the condition of the home; instead their purpose is to educate you regarding the home’s current condition and how to maintain it in the future. Inspections are completed within a […]

Obtaining a Loan

Step 1: Review Financing Options Financing your new home purchase begins with a consultation with a qualified loan agent. If you wish, we can recommend one who has the requisite experience, competence and integrity. There are a wide array of loan options, and choosing the one that works best for you will depend on a number […]

9 Reasons To Buy A House Now

If you’re planning to buy a house right now, the next few months may be the best time to buy. Waiting for both housing prices and interest rates to fall may not be a good strategy for potential homebuyers since analysts don’t expect any significant declines in these two most important home-buying factors. Here’s nine […]

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